Finding Your Muse

“Cultivate curiosity, optimism and perseverance. Expect the best from the universe.”


I never realized how hard it was to find inspiration until I really needed to add a new post and I just sat there, staring at that flashing text cursor. For a moment I felt like it had began to angrily beckon me to type something, anything really, but my mind stubbornly turned away to whistle some unfamiliar tune and ignore. At that moment I resented how much the mind does it’s very best in letting us down during the times we need it most. It is like playing a really frustrating game of hide and seek. With time though, I learnt how to find my muse. That took a lot of browsing on the internet and sitting in front of a blank paper for hours. I realized that to get something going, I’d have to have something started at least. It did not matter if I really knew where the story was going at first but as long as I put words down and built on that. The quote, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” had never made so much sense until then and this can apply to almost anything.

We are constantly pressured by the feeling that everything should make sense from the beginning and we end up treating life as if it were a strict game of Chess. I find it more relaxing to think of it as a game that becomes clearer as you progress but it is always important to find the muse to get started. We all have creative minds which can only be tapped into by identifying their source of inspiration. The lucky ones easily find their muse, their minds are not as stubborn, but some of us get to go through so many trials we almost give up. There is that need of being extremely patient. The creative mind is complex so we just have to keep on trying until it becomes clear and even if it seems like it will never be, persevere still. Diarize all the attempts and failures. Whether it is something artistic or not, there is still a need to tap into that genius and figure out what brings the best out of you. Learn more about the process and allow the magic to happen. I had to go through writing lyrics to a song I have heard a thousand times, listening to the same song a thousand more and sometimes simply sitting out in the fresh air and patiently waiting. So maybe take a breath and find your muse.