Be One With Your Senses

“To feel anything, even fear, is like breath of fresh air — invigorating, rejuvenating, a wonderful reminder that we are indeed alive.”

We rarely meditate on our feelings, what with our endless efforts in trying to make something out of our daily hustle. We choose to face them when they are at their worst, when it seems life is hitting us with a sledgehammer. In so doing, we ignore the fact that our feelings are also paramount in decision making even though we are all too familiar to the , ‘Set your feelings aside’ statement. Would learning how to understand and control our feelings significantly change our quality of life then? Would it inhibit our norms of crashing on the sofa after work, wondering why every weekday seems like a life sucking Monday? Maybe if we’d try, give it a chance, after all our lives depend on experimenting right.

Another statement you might have heard for meditation , ‘Be one with your senses.” From this I personally understand that by recognizing all of our senses, understanding them and being ONE with them, we can possibly form a bridge between our physical and spiritual experiences. We can understand our actions better and try to handle situations better next time. We can be more equipped and make better choices.

Here I’ll pick one sense which I feel takes precedence in this whole exercise, connect it to feelings, physical and spiritual experiences. It can be a whole flowchart if you would like but I will just get into it roughly.

The Sense of Smell

Ever really pondered on that feeling you get when you pass by a bakery? The satisfying smell of fresh pastries seem to hug you for the briefest moment and it is as if a part you did not know was being suppressed is freed. What about the rejuvenating sense of new beginnings at the kick of spring? When the earthly fragrances are so distinct and intense you can not help but feel good about the season. Then there is the smell of home after a long time away. The air filled with familiarity and security. There is something about all this that hits the most sensitive parts of us and evokes emotions we sometimes can not explain. It is almost as if you can feel your soul smiling and it seems to resonate through our actions afterwards. Even though we experience this almost every single day though, we still take for granted the power of scent and how it affects our feelings and actions. We brush it off as an insignificant part of the day yet stopping in that coffee shop and just taking in that strong coffee scent can change your mood for the day or how putting on that new sweet fragrance can make you more confident about your Monday. While the sense of smell is much more complex and mysterious than this, it is important to just understand how keeping some scents around can make us feel better and subsequently think better. Keep fresh flowers in the living room, burn a scented candle or make sure that coffee is brewing each morning. Take time to embrace the myriad aromas and if this makes you feel better, more alive, you’re most likely going to get through the day better. Experiment, usually the little things make big differences. So take a breath and enjoy it.

Today we are loving the lavender scent over here. With the holidays around the corner, there will be so much activity around us. But at the end of the day, we'd appreciate some calm and relaxation. How about you? What benefits do you seek from your next aromatherapy? Let us know and we will point you to the right oil to use with your diffuser.